Following are real stories of some good things that have happened to people that have come to see me for counseling. Of course the names have been changed to protect their privacy. Also, I wish I could tell you that every couple or individual that I have seen has been a success story, but I can't. Sometimes people just want out of a relationship or there has been too much hurt and pain to overcome. Also, some people really struggle with making needed changes in their personal life to get unstuck. I understand that. However, if you are willing to work hard and be open and honest, I will too. I will do everything that I can to guide you towards the hope and healing that you are looking for. That is my promise to you. –Scott Bonk


I really thought after 24 years our marriage was done. But over time we learned to fall back into love again. It was amazing. –Karen 51, Cartersville

The arguing was just out of control; it felt like that's all we ever did. Once we learned how to communicate in a healthy way our marriage got better. -Ron 28, Acworth

My husband had an affair. I was so hurt and devastated, I couldn't stop crying or obsessing over the other woman. I was so angry at my husband and I felt so alone. Scott not only helped me work through that pain, he helped heal our marriage. ....... -Katie 32, Cartersville

I had lost my job and was getting more and more depressed every day. Scott helped me put a plan together, get my butt off the couch and find another job. -James 44, Rome

Scott talked with my wife and I about Nurturing and Protecting the relationship. At first I really didn't believe it would help, but after a few sessions I began to see how our relationship was changing and how it was changing me into a better man and a better husband. -Richard, 41, Cartersville

I was sexually abused growing up and never dealt with any of it. I always pushed the feelings away. Talking about it with Scott has been the hardest thing I have every done. Now, I am so glad I am learning to come to terms with it and now I am finally healing from it. I felt safe talking with Scott. I have control of my life. -Teresa 30, Atlanta

We had only been marriage for 2 years and we were headed for divorce. Something had to change. My husband and I just could not communicate. There was no intimacy what so ever and he moved into the other room. I would lay in bed crying and asking God how in the world did it get so bad? It took a while, but Scott helped us work through our inability to grow as a couple. Now we have a wonderful marriage. Thanks! -Kim 28, Rome

I have been married four times and I was miserable. Scott helped me to see how I was trying to get other people to make me happy instead of being happy with who I was. It was hard, but well worth it. I am a better person today. -Joan, 52 Atlanta

We had been married for 15 years. The last 5 years were really bad and unfortunately we did end up divorcing. I was very sad that we were not able to work it out and I really believe that if we would have gone to counseling sooner we could have saved our marriage. However, Scott was really good in providing us with the help we needed even after our divorce. We also came in with our 2 kids a few times in order to help them learn how to cope with the divorce in a healthy way and to help us to be better parents. Carla 44 and Patrick 47, Cartersville

Our lives just got too busy. We both work full time jobs and we have 3 kids. We never spent any time together. Now, every Friday night is "Date Night" no matter what! We are making our marriage a priority again. We are having fun again. -Staci 37 and Kevin 40, Cartersville

We got married after only dating 6 months. In both of our previous marriages the other spouse had an affair which caused all kinds of trust issues for us. It was really hard and we both came into the marriage with a lot of crap. After seeing Scott it is so much better. We are learning to trust the other person and not keep bringing up old wounds. -Anna, 40 and Russ 39, White

Being a step parent is really hard. My wife and 16 yr old daughter just seemed to butt heads all the time. There was so much tension in the air and everybody was walking on egg shells. It was hard on our marriage. It wasn't easy, but once we were able to talk about it without fighting it got better. -Keith, 35 Rydal

My (then) fiancé and I came to see Scott for pre-marital counseling. We were living together and didn't really have any arguments and I thought we were doing okay. Come to find out, he didn't want to have kids and I do. I am not sure why we never talked about it. Believe it or not my fiancé and I broke up after the second session because of that. I was really hurt, but I am so glad I went. -Jennifer 22 Acworth

My wife wanted to go to counseling and I didn't because I really didn't think we had problems. I cannot describe to you how it changed our marriage in amazing and wonderful ways. Scott was great. -David 29, Cartersville

I knew we were having problems because for the last year my husband and I stopped sleeping in the same bedroom. It was hard; and most of it was my fault. My husband was pretty angry at me for some of the stuff I was doing. But, we learned to talk about it in a healthy way and my husband learned to forgive me. Scott was such a good listener. We are doing really well. -Mia 27, Marietta